• Take your relationships to perfection effortlessly, by understanding the 4 alphabets to remember during every interaction.
  • Learn how to be aware of your ego and the mischief it plays in your life. Build your mindfulness around this.

  • In only a couple of days of practice you will find new habits forming, which make you more effective as a team player.

  • This one program is worth as much as a “library of relationship books” according to Guru Pranachandra.
sandeep nath mission

Hi, I’m Sandeep Nath!

I use my 30 years of experience in the Corporate World - and as a Professional Speaker and Author - to fuel my mission... To enable 1 million people to live stress free by connecting them with their Inner Power. Come, join us!

Join Us!

mindfulness course
Freedom From Stress

This course provides a Blueprint to help you remove all causes of stress and struggle

inner power intensive
Become Unstoppable

This course complements the Blueprint and takes you to the next level

chakra course
Energy Healing

This course supplements the Blueprint helping you heal using chakra energy taught therein